Welcome to your AFTER

Here's an Open Secret

No matter how you’ve arrived at an alcohol-free lifestyle, you are on the other side of a decision. A decision that alcohol was no longer part of the path towards your best life. 

And we know from experience: The beauty begins AFTER.  

Reason #1 we love our name so much) 

Everyone’s story is different.  Most don’t look like the stereotypes.  But what they have in common is the decision to step into a better life, be more present, and live more fully.  And we’re here to walk with you on that journey. 

(Secret #2 – It doesn’t happen all at once. It takes, like, surprisingly long.  But, boy, is it worth it. )

Our Core Values

  • We believe your journey is your own. And we  are here to support you no matter what that looks like 
  • We believe in the inclusion of all races, genders, creeds and orientations and in the enthusiastic respect of all people.
  • We do our best to create a respectful dialogue (sometimes around some hard subjects) and we expect the same from our followers. 
  • There is no judgement here

What is AFTER Magazine about?

AFTER is a lifestyle magazine focused on the beauty of a life lived without alcohol.

We will talk about everything alcohol-free including: 

  • How to support your alcohol-free journey
  • Exploring your relationship with alcohol
  • Amazing food & AF drinks and the rituals surrounding them
  •  Entertaining and recipes (mocktails, alcohol free cooking, low- or no-alc parties, mental preparation)
  •  Travel, restaurants, activities and city tours
  •  Alcohol free products and industry news
  • Self care, boundaries, inner work
  • Issues related to our alcohol-centric culture


We’d love to hear what you’d like to hear about!

Email us at info@aftermagazine.com!