AFTER is the magazine for non-drinkers, the sober curious, and anyone examining their relationship with alcohol.

Our content focuses on the beauty of an alcohol-free life.  We support you wherever you are in your journey and we’re here to show you just how good life can be AFTER saying goodbye to alcohol.

Our Core Values

  • We believe your journey is your own. And we  are here to support you no matter what that looks like 
  • We believe in the inclusion of all races, genders, creeds and orientations and in the enthusiastic respect of all people.
  • We do our best to create a respectful dialogue (sometimes around some hard subjects) and we expect the same from our followers. 
  • There is no judgement here

We're here for you

No matter how you’ve arrived at an alcohol-free lifestyle, you are on the other side of a decision. A decision that alcohol was no longer part of the path towards your best life. 

And we know from experience: The beauty begins AFTER.  


Everyone’s story is different.  Most don’t look like the stereotypes.  But what they have in common is the decision to step into a better life, be more present, and live more fully.  And we’re here to walk with you on that journey. 


What is AFTER Magazine about?

AFTER is a lifestyle magazine focused on the beauty of a life lived without alcohol.

We will talk about everything alcohol-free including: 

  • How to support your alcohol-free journey
  • Exploring your relationship with alcohol
  • Amazing food & AF drinks and the rituals surrounding them
  •  Entertaining and recipes (mocktails, alcohol free cooking, low- or no-alc parties, mental preparation)
  •  Travel, restaurants, activities and city tours
  •  Alcohol free products and industry news
  • Self care, boundaries, inner work
  • Issues related to our alcohol-centric culture


We’d love to hear what you’d like to hear about!

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