We believe the best life begins AFTER saying goodbye to alcohol.

We're here to show you how.


Photo: Editor-in-chief Nicole Pietrandrea Hough creates a winter mocktail in her AF bar

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AF Food & Drink

We love our moctktail recipies and exploring the world of alcohol-free beverages.  Additionally, our Alcohol Free Cooking School creates recipes for dishes that would traditionally include alcohol as well as some generally delicious treats.

Sobriety Perspectives

We share perspectives on drinking culture, doing the inner work, creating community, lessons in sobriety and more. 

Sobriety Perspectives

Learn about the people and places doing great things in the alcohol-free world.

Sobriety Perspectives

You’re not alone on this journey.  We are here to support you.

What is AFTER Magazine

We are a magazine with a mission!

AFTER Magazine was created with a mission to guide anyone who is struggling with alcohol or building their best life after saying goodbye to alcohol to create a purposeful, happy and self aware life, alcohol-free.  We were founded on the premise that no one should be alone on this journey.

What is AFTER about?

Our content focuses on the beauty of building a life without alcohol, including the challenges and joys that that can bring.  We explore the alcohol-free world together including content on personal growth, great AF food, drink and travel, and connection with others, plus sobriety perspectives and shared experiences. 

How can I read AFTER

In addition to our high-quality U.S. print edition (which we love, love, love) we also offer a digital edition of our magazine for those who prefer reading online and for our readers outside the U.S. as well as a monthly subscription for all online access for only $2.99/month. (See subscription options below!)

A note from our founder

Founder Nicole Pietradnrea Hough and Nicole Holmes at the AFTER launch party December 2022. Photo: Paloma Sendrey

I know from experience that the most beautiful life begins AFTER saying goodbye to alcohol and I—and now my team at AFTER—am on a mission: A mission to normalize NOT drinking and to let people know that there are a multitude of options—and a vibrant community of people—available to support them in the decision not to drink.

When I created AFTER I envisioned a publication full of hope, its print pages being passed from one friend to another inspiring a different way to live. In the year since we launched, I've heard countless stories of that exact scenario happening time and again. The response we've received fills us with joy and gratitude.

We're grateful for all of you who are part of the AFTER community!

With love, Nicole Pietrandrea Hough

Founder and Editor-in-chief, AFTER Magazine

Our Vision
Cate Faulkner, Aqxyl Storms, and Ed Carino at the AFTER launch party, December 2022. Photo: Paloma Sendrey

We seek to create a culture where sobriety or abstinence from alcohol is the norm and where every person who is examining their relationship with alcohol feels supported and connected.

We achieve this by sharing inspiring stories, valuable information, and uplifting entertainment related to the alcohol-free world across a variety of platforms, including our informational, educational, and entertainment channels within the AF space.

Our Values

We believe in enthusiastic and inclusive respect for all individuals including all races, gender identities, religions, and sexual orientations.

We believe each person’s journey is their own and we aim to support our readers, subscribers, and followers no matter what that journey looks like for them. We believe there are no right or wrong answers.

We value respectful dialogue, and we expect the same from the community that engages with our media.

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AFTER is a lifestyle magazine focused on the beauty of a life lived without alcohol.

  • Becoming your best self after saying goodbye to alcohol
  • The challenges of sobriety and our drinking-centric culture
  • Exploring your relationship with alcohol
  • AF drinks and food the rituals surrounding them 
  • Alcohol-free travel, restaurants, activities  
  • Alcohol-free products and industry news
  • Self care, boundaries, inner work


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