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Nicole Pietrandrea Hough | Founder & Editor in chief

Nicole’s Story: In 2020, upon admitting to herself that alcohol was not serving her or leading her to the life she wanted to create, Nicole set out on a journey to figure out what things would look like without it—both personally and on the weekly cooking livestream she was hosting at the time. To ease the transition and to help (finally) make the change permanent, Nicole began to seek out alternatives to alcohol that merited pairing with food and enjoyment with adult company. What she found was a new, vibrant and rapidly growing alcohol-free community, both online and in-person. This discovery—coupled with the realization that her new AF life held more beauty and depth than she ever imagined—inspired the creation of AFTER Magazine in 2022. The magazine’s mission is threefold: 1) to reach people who might be searching for answers and support around their drinking, 2) to normalize sobriety and an alcohol-free lifestyle, and 3) to show just how amazing life can be AFTER giving up alcohol. As of September 2023 the magazine has published four quarterly issues and is rapidly growing! 

Nicole is the founder of AFTER Magazine and, a search engine for all things alcohol-free.  She holds an MBA from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, a B.A. in Economics and International Relations from Bucknell University, and a bartending certificate from the New York Bartending School.  Nicole has also completed coursework in political science as an exchange student at the Université François Rabelais (now Université de Tours) in Tours, France and studied interior design at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). Nicole’s design work can be found at and her cooking and personal blog can be found at Nicole lives in NJ with her two almost-grown children and their dog, Sadie.


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Jacob Barron

Jacob Barron is a writer and communications professional based in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. where he lives with his spouse and two young children. He writes about life, technology, culture and everything else. Follow him on Instagram at @jandrewbarron.

Ian Blessing

Ian Blessing is a former sommelier at three-Michelin-star restaurant The French Laundry and former head of the hospitality program at Opus One Winery. After re-evaluating his relationship with alcohol during the pandemic, Ian and his wife and partner Carly—also a former French Laundry sommelier—conceived of and founded All The Bitter, an alcohol-free bitters brand. Ian is excited to continue educating himself and others about food and drink, this time sans alcohol.

Adrienne Etkin

Adrienne Etkin is the co-founder of Admari Brands, a tea and botanicals company with operations is Miami, FL, and owner of an eponymous event company where she creates conscious experiences using tea, movement, meditation & sound. Adrienne has dedicated the past 15 years to her work as a professional tea educator and tea blender. Prior to this, Adrienne worked in the hospitality industry creating food and beverage programs and service training curricula at restaurants across the US. Adrienne is the current US Tea Master’s Cup champion in Tea Mixology. She is as passionate about yoga as she is about tea. In 2019, Adrienne earned her Yoga Acharya (Master of Yoga) in the Sivananda lineage. She can be found at and @yo_teadrienne.

Christopher Rzigalinski

Christopher Rzigalinski is a writer, cultural historian, educator, and performance coach. He works to revitalize individuals, teams, and communities through empowering strategies for holistic change, and has worked with organizations including Rutgers University, Yoga Alliance, Reimagine, the Covid Grief Network, Umoja Events' Juneteenth Festival, and CourseHorse to lead personal development and team-building events. Christopher's writing appears in Embodied Philosphy's Tarka, the Fashion Studies Journal,, and other platforms. Contact Chris @working.definitions.culture on IG or at

Erin Lunde

Erin Lunde is a writer in Minneapolis, MN, where she lives with her husband and three kids. She writes about her experiences as a newly sober creative at The Sober Sensitive, and her fiction and other writing projects can be found on her website,

Evan Madden-Peister

Evan is a lifelong food lover and maker, as well as an entrepreneur and a native New Yorker (which helps with the food love). After graduating from the French Culinary Institute, he began his career in the restaurant kitchens of NYC including the Harrison, the Sony Club, Perilla, and Rice—and cooking for a slew catering and events companies—before joining the founding team at Birch Coffee. He currently expresses his love of food, culture and the natural world through freelance chef work, and marries his love of food with his love of entrepreneurship as an innovation consultant.

Mocktail MO

Mocktail MO has been at the center of the alcohol-free lifestyle since 2019 when a newly developed intolerance to alcohol sent her to urgent care. Instead of a door closing for her, MO has busted down the walls separating conventional hospitality and those who abstain from alcohol, for any reason. She continues to build relationships with those in the alcohol-free industry and delights in sharing their stories. Find her on Instagram

Isabel van Zuilen

Isabel van Zuilen (Izzy) is an expat living in sunny Marbella, Spain. She started her sober journey in May 2019, when she dove into the world of sobriety and started organizing sober get-aways, combining bliss in the sunshine with meeting like-minded women in a gorgeous alcohol-free setting. For inquiries, you can connect with her on Instagram at @sobertopia or check out her blog,