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The good life, alcohol free.
Founder & Editor Nicole (Coco) Hough makes her Coffee, Grapefruit & Pomegranate mocktail in her alcohol free bar.

The good life, alcohol free. 

AFTER Founder & Editor, Nicole (Coco) Hough makes her Coffee, Grapefruit and Pomegranate Mocktail in her Alcohol Free bar. 


Pat yourself on the back

It is a true act of bravery to reconsider your relationship with alcohol in a world that is (currently) fueled by booze. And here YOU are! 

We are on a mission to support you in that exploration.  Whether you’ve been sober for years or are just starting to think about eliminating alcohol, we see you, accept you, and are here to offer our perspectives, experiences, recipes, ideas and insights. And to show you just how good it can be. 

Saying good bye to alcohol is just the first step.  What comes AFTER is a whole new life: getting to know yourself on a deeper level, being able to feel joy in small things, and an ability to tap into your full potential.  Does it happen all at once?  Not by a long shot.  Like all good things, this journey has its twists and turns, but we’re here on the path with you. 

Welcome to your AFTER!

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