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We want to make you look good, AF.

Create brand-recognition across our multi-channel platform.

Are you changing the world?  We are looking for brands who are aligned with our mission to normalize NOT drinking and to inspire anyone engaged in saying goodbye to alcohol to build a fulfilled and purposeful life.  We offer a platform for you to share your brand with our AF audience. Join us!

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We wil send you to access our current media kit and pricing on our website and schedule a call to discuss options for your brand. 

You will receive our quarterly Partners newsletter for more opportunities to promote your brand with AFTER Magazine INC. 


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We’ve created a multi-media approach including a full range of opportunities across our platforms.  

Our partnership program covers a variety of outlets to ensure maximum exposure and brand recognition with a broad group of trackable assets each year in media including print, digital, social, email and occasional in-person opportunities.

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Our high-quality, quarterly print magazine focuses on building the best life AFTER saying goodbye to alcohol.


Our readers frequently tell us how happy they are to hold a print issue in their hands and how happy the quarterly magazine makes them. 


Our content includes travel, special interest, personal development, alcohol-free beverages, events and news, and more


REACH:  Our print circulation reaches 1000 AF readers each quarter including our paid subscriber base, members of the wellness world, wellness offices, and attendees at alcohol-free events.



Our digital footprint includes the digital version of our quarterly magazine (available in flipbook form) as well as our website and blog.  We have a variety of options available to reach AF consumers through these channels. 



Digital Flipbooks (all archives) receive 900 visitors quarterly 

Our website has 1,200 unique visitors a quarter 



We are growing a number of social channels including Instagram, Facebook,  Pinterest, and YouTube. Our focus has centered on IG and we are working on building the rest of our channels out this year. 



Instagram followers 4200 



Our email list reflects a year’s worth of organic growth among our subscribers and followers.  Our weekly newsletter AFTER The Week (started 2024) reaches our full audience of alcohol-free readers.  



Instagram followers 1000 



We have had two successful events in NYC and are looking forward to more.  We are grateful to our drink and event sponsors and will give first priority for these spots to our partners.  Each event so far has had 75-110 attendees.  We include brand info on signage and all communications regarding the event. 



Full subscribership, email list, and event attendees and friends.


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Why build your brand with AFTER?

Our flexible marketing mix offers a targeted and effective way to reach your audience. Here are some of the benefits:

1. Variety

We created the AFTER Partners Program to give you the maximum flexibility in deciding where your marketing dollars go.  We believe that building your brand across our suite of channels gives the most impact. We offer print, digital, social, email, and occasional in-person opportunities and give you the flexibility to choose the assets that are performing best for your brand

Each quarter you will automatically receive space in the magazine for your print/digital ad and additional assets based on your plan. We are also excited to share other opportunities with you as they arise. 

2. Consistency & Reporting

Our program helps you to plan your advertising budget for the year and know what your reach will be for those dollars.  We find that advertisers who are more consistent get better recognition. (We all know it takes at least 5-7 impressions for consumers to remember us). We provide a quarterly update on how your assets are performing so you can adjust accordingly.

3. Value

AFTER Partners receive discounts on upgrades, a la cart options and additional advertising. We have also worked to keep our pricing reasonable given the start-up nature of the AF industry.

4. Perks

Our partners are invited to come along with us wherever we go. We offer your discount codes to our readers, bring your printed materials to our events and give you early access to opportunities to showcase your products wherever feasible.

5. Passion

We are deeply passionate about all things alcohol-free and we see it as our job to make you look good in everything we do!


How will I know what assets to choose?

We are happy to work with you on a quarterly basis to choose the outlets that will work best for you based on upcoming themes, events and plans.  We will provide you with a quarterly update to see how your assets are performing over time. 

This is very important to us.  A few key points: 

  1. We work hard to keep our advertising price in line with our distribution size and channel size and to provide the bang for the buck on your dollars. 
  2. Our audience is very highly targeted and is suitable for brands looking to access an alcohol-free / sober-curious audience.  There’s not a lot of fluff to sift through – that’s who our readers are. 
  3. As a fairly new business we take our growth very seriously. Our subscription base has been growing consistently at rate of approximately 5% a month.  

For more specific reach data please complete the form to access details and pricing.

Barring extreme circumstances, we are committed to keeping our membership price the same until our growth rate and reach support an increase. Future rates will be determined to stay in line with our ability to provide returns to you as our subscriber base grows.  You will be notified of any rate increases ahead of time before choosing your quarterly assets.

In addition to our membership, we offer a la carte options for occasional advertising. 

To see the options and pricing click the button below to access details.

We’ll be sad to see you go but we understand that business circumstances change!  You may cancel the renewal of your membership at any time after the minimum 6-month period. Digital assets will be removed from our websites upon cancellation. Any print ads placed less than 3 months before cancellation will be billed at a pro-rated rate at the a la carte price. We hope that you will come back to work with us when your marketing needs align with our audience! 

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