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NEW YORK July 11, 2023  – Amid rapidly growing national interest in alcohol-free beverages and AF lifestyle, AFTER Magazine—the “A. F.” stands for “Alcohol-Free”—has released its third quarterly issue on the beauty of an alcohol-free lifestyle. Content includes an exclusive interview with Chris Marshall, founder of the alcohol-free Sans Bar in Austin, nonalcoholic recipes and beverages, and special-interest articles on personal growth with a special section for summer called “Go Outside.”


“Our motto is, ‘The best life begins AFTER saying goodbye to alcohol,” shares founder and Editor-in-Chief, Nicole Pietrandrea Hough. “We’re proud to support and inspire those who are on the journey of discovering what that means for them.”


“Our ‘Go Outside’ theme for the Summer 2023 issue is about more than going outdoors in the summer—although we talk about that too.” Hough continues, “We discuss going outside yourself whether through meditation, travel, or breaking the barriers of your comfort zone, in order to find true fulfillment. We believe giving up alcohol is the first step in the path of creating an amazing life and we like to talk about how to get there and where to go next.” 


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