A new search engine takes the guesswork out of where to go when you’re not drinking. 

CHICAGO, June 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Amid the rapidly growing trend towards alcohol-free products and lifestyle, a new website, Mocktail Quest (www.mocktailquest.com, a division of AFTER Magazine, launched May 23, 2023), provides a one-stop search for alcohol-free offerings wherever you are. Sober and sober-curious consumers can easily locate restaurants, bars, shops, events, and sobriety resources across the US and beyond. Every location is either 100% alcohol-free or offers thoughtful alcohol-free options.

“It’s important to know there are places out there where you can find something to enjoy when you’re not drinking alcohol.” says Nicole Pietrandrea Hough, founder of Mocktail Quest and editor-in-chief of AFTER Alcohol-Free Magazine

“There are a lot of great resources available and this is just the beginning,” she adds. “We hope to inspire more restaurants to get into the alcohol-free game, and we want to help the people in our community find places that feel good for them to socialize and spend their time.”

In addition to restaurants and shops, Mocktail Quest also focuses on the travel sector which includes alcohol-free retreats, cruises, hiking excursions, and a multitude of other offerings, and the “sobriety support” sector to help people find communities and resources when dealing with alcohol addiction or even just cutting back on alcohol.

“We are excited to see our community and reach grow as people add their favorite places to the site,” says Hough.  “Mocktail Quest is a true community project and we love to hear what you love in the alcohol-free world.”

Mocktail Quest can be found at http://mocktailquest.com

For business inquiries, contact: info@mocktailquest.com

Mocktail Quest is a division of AFTER Magazine INC

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