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Euphoric AF

by Karolina Rzadkowolska

“Alcohol is everywhere in our society, and it’s hard to resist. The pressures to fit in and have “”just one drink””–that turns into several – whether at a party or on a casual Friday night, can lead to an imbalanced life that’s plagued with unhealthy habits, low self-esteem, and decreased productivity.

How can you change your relationship with alcohol without feeling deprived or like a social outcast? First, decide you want a change and then pick up Euphoric, from certified alcohol-free life coach Karolina Rzadkowolska.

Karolina has helped thousands of casual drinkers transform their relationship with alcohol, including herself. In Euphoric, she shares a proven strategy to make alcohol insignificant in your life.

In just eight weeks, you can ditch alcohol and learn how to:
Create a natural buzz that alcohol can only mimic
Be fully present with your kids, partner, and friends
Feel more energized, look better, and live healthier
Enjoy the best sleep of your life
Have fun in any social situation, without drinking
Accomplish goals with your newfound drive
Become confident to chase your biggest dreams

Euphoric presents an eight-week, easy-to-customize plan for anyone who wants to transform their relationship with alcohol and experience the life-changing benefits that happen when you take a break from booze to focus the health of your mind, body, and soul.

Here’s the plan:
Week 1: Examine and Dismantle Limiting Beliefs
Week 2: Let Go of Shame
Week 3: Step into Your Best Health
Week 4: Navigate Your Social Life
Week 5: Get Mindful and Embody Self-Love
Week 6: Find Pure and Utter Happiness
Week 7: Create Your Dream Life
Week 8: Step into Your Purpose

Make alcohol irrelevant and gain the happiness and confidence you need to go after your biggest goals.”

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